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LaserSmart sets a new, higher standard for laser safety products and laser accessories.
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Real people,
in real time,
helping Laser People

Since 1983, Kentek is Laser People Helping Laser People. A knowledgeable person promptly answers your phone call. Technical sales representatives are dedicated to each customer account. We will calculate your safety requirements, we will design your pump chamber, we will refer you to external experts when that is prudent. Often we know more about your lasers than you do.

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Sometimes we make just one product: Yours!

The adage that every customer has unique requirements takes on special significance for Kentek customers. In our 30-plus years of operation, we have perfected the processes needed to build quantity of 1 and still maintain first-rate quality. Consider our catalog as a starting point and our existing product options as suggestions: tell us what your product should look like. We will build it.

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Maximum value in craftsmanship and
mass production

Kentek is unique in that all products we manufacture, including stock and custom items, are designed for potential replication. We have the tools for prototyping and the resources for large scale production. The craftsmanship you will and even in our high-volume products is unsurpassed. Product attributes are ensured through comprehensive and technology-based quality control.

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Continuous knowledge-building as the laser industry evolves

Time passes, the industry changes, and so does Kentek. While average tenure on the job exceeds 10 years, we continuously train in new technologies and learn new approaches alongside our customers. The industry’s best people seek to work at Kentek; the world’s best technology and manufacturing companies are proud to partner with us.

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Customers partner in creation of new products and features

Our success depends on our customers and our ability to deliver products that satisfy particular requirements. Kentek customers know that we will share ideas and resources openly with them. We listen with care and attention. We are comfortable building on ideas presented by others. Experience collaboration in the true sense of the word: we want to be your partner.

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Independent technology choices solve tough customer problems

We are continuously finding new ways to solve existing problems as well as new applications for common technologies. Our production toolbox includes molding, welding, extruding, laminating, stitching, punching, slitting, coating, soldering, edging, engraving, cladding, polishing, drilling, burnishing, machining, stamping, anodizing, calculating, designing, and drawing.

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Ship from inventory and build to order from in-house stock

Kentek not only maintains more inventory than any of our competitors, we are much smarter with the items we stock. We keep thousands of items on the shelf. Much of our inventory is in the form of raw materials and multi-use components that can be assembled into your product within a single business day. We view our inventory as one of the keys to our high level of service.

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Sales support with extensive guarantees and continuing service

If your needs change, often we can alter your Kentek products. We have extensive experience with laser barrier retrofits, for example. On that rare occasion when a product fails, our customer service department ensures that your operation continues to run before we work out a hassle-free return or product exchange. We’ve helped you for the last 30 years; we will help you for at least 30 more!

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