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LaserSmart® sets a new, higher standard for laser safety products and laser accessories.

Laser Curtains

Learn why Kentek's Laser Curtains are LaserSmart®
Everything about our laser barrier curtains is based on user feedback from our work with thousands of customers in 60-plus countries in hundreds of applications over 35-plus years.

Our products are certified to multiple standards (ANSI, CE, ANSI, ASTM) and are tested by multiple agencies including NFPA, California State Fire Marshall, Boston Fire Department and Fire Department-New York City.  Our design recommendations ensure compliance with ANSI Z136 – we help customers understand what the standards require and will help customers design systems that both meet ANSI and work within the constraints and needs of the particular organization.  Those features that are not subject to certification are designed and tested with laser users in mind.

Laser Barrier Partitions

Learn why Kentek's Laser Barrier Partitions are LaserSmart®

Kentek’s Laser Barrier Partitions are built to perform.  Because we have the most extensive damage testing data in the industry, we can certify our laser barriers to multiple standards including applicable ANSI and CE requirements.

Customized products for our demanding products are a hallmark of LaserSmart laser safety barriers.  We have a range of materials to select from including a barrier construction certified to block 3000 W/cm² for at least 100 seconds.  Choose from one of our popular configurations: free-standing moveable barriers, portable “quick setup” barriers, table top surrounds, or entirely modular walls and rooms.  We can add doors, interlocks, roofs, and options to integrate our barriers into existing wall or partition systems.

Laser Eyewear

Learn why Kentek's Laser Eyewear is LaserSmart®
Our team of physicists, chemists and ophthalmic experts works with our customers and their Laser Safety Officers to build laser safety eyewear that laser users will actually wear. Kentek laser eye protection products minimize safety concerns and optimize comfort and visibility.

Kentek’s frames blend style and size options with application solutions. We can work with auxiliary equipment including masks, head gear, flight helmets, and bunny suits. We understand that wearing laser goggles should not be a burden to the user. Laser eye protection only works when it is worn properly.

We offer more than 150 lens options in our standard product line and the ability to custom build lenses, sometimes for just a single pair of eyewear. Our innovative lens technologies feature the latest in multiple narrow notch absorbing dyes used in polymer filters and the most advanced coated lens designs combined with filters of mineral glass. We offer a complete line of Rx solutions that includes fit over frames, Rx adapters and in-the-lens Rx options. If you work closely with lasers, wear LaserSmart laser eye protection from Kentek.

Laser Accessories

Learn why Kentek's Laser Accessories are LaserSmart®
Kentek has built a small family of unique laser laboratory accessories designed to improve the effectiveness of a laser safety program.  Experienced laser users will also appreciate the simple effectiveness of these tools:
  • Infrared and UV viewers in our VIEW-IT® product family enable real-time viewing of pulsed and continuous wave invisible lasers.  No batteries, no wires, no charging required.
  • Beam dumps and beam traps from Kentek work with all wavelengths and manage both pulsed and continuous wave lasers. Optional accessories are available for attaching VIEW-IT® infrared and UV viewers and for capturing laser energy from fiber optic delivery systems.
  • ZAP-IT® laser alignment burn paper provides an economical way to capture a cross-sectional image of a laser beam.  This product creates permanent documentation of beam quality and can be used in research and production environments.
  • Hand-held, low-cost power meters from Kentek offer portable ability to check laser beam power levels.
Build out your laser evaluation tool kit with these LaserSmart® accessories.